Shattered Hopes




Shattered Hopes

By Ulff Lehmann

Drangar Ralgon survived death… twice!

He has no idea how, nor is he any closer to unearthing why his beloved had to die.

Drowning in questions, Drangar receives aid from the unlikeliest of sources. The Chosen Kildanor, immortal warrior of a shunned god, has taken a liking to the mercenary. With his path to answers blocked by a besieging army, Drangar must do his part in defeating the enemy.

Reluctantly, Drangar once more prepares for war.


“Depth a lot of fantasy doesn’t manage.” – The Bookwyrm

“If you like reading good books, you will enjoy this one.” – Kimberly Johnson

“A winner.” – Ed Greenwood

“Extremely ambitious.” – Esmeralda Weatherwax

“Like A Song of Ice and Fire.” – C.T. Phipps

“You will find yourself hooked and pulled into this world from the first chapter.” – The Grimmedian

“Shattered Dreams is a quality book that I would recommend to fans of GRRM and/or those of Low Fantasy epics.” – Booknest.EU

“This is not your typical straightforward, to the point kind of novel, you have to think and reason along with the characters to fully appreciate the story.” –

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