Shadows over Summer House




Shadows over Summer House

By Duncan McGeary

On the run from a botched robbery, Stu plans one last heist.

There’s a flood of illegal money flowing through the harbor offices of Gosport, New Jersey. Stu gets a job on the docks, waiting and watching. But the unexpected rears its head. He falls in love with Katie, the young owner of a ramshackle Victorian mansion. As he helps Katie renovate the huge old Painted Lady, he realizes both Katie and the mansion are filled with secrets. Despite himself, Stu finds himself settling in. He gets involved in the lives of his neighbors. As he becomes accepted by his fellow dockworkers, Stu begins to wonder if he can’t make a go of civilian life.

But Stu’s past soon catches up to him and he’s forced to go through with the heist.

What he doesn’t know is that Katie’s past is also catching up, and is even more dangerous. She isn’t what she appears, nor is the mansion, and as their pasts collide, Stu and Katie must try to survive together what neither could survive alone.

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