Shadows of Faerie




Shadows of Faerie

By Martin Owton

“Faerie serial killers in the New Forest”

For centuries countrywomen in England have kept a secret; if you go to the right part of the woods and sing the right song, an Otherkin man will appear and be your lover. Charlie Somes, 24, postgraduate chemistry student at Southampton University, is the product of such a liaison and is touch telepathic; a gift which blights his life as he cannot control it.

When Charlie discovers his gift works on the recently dead he is forced to use it to avoid a murder charge and then when the bodies of women who have taken faerie lovers start turning up, Charlie is the only person who can stop the serial killers.

“Owton takes the traditional portal fantasy and upends it, throwing British special forces, the police, drug dealers, and a mild-mannered chemistry grad student into the mix. Fun and fast-paced. I thoroughly enjoyed it.” —Patrice Sarath, author of The Books of the Gordath and The Tales of Port Saint Fre

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