Shadows in the House With Twelve Rooms




Shadows in the House With Twelve Rooms

By J. Price Higgins

A woman scientist believes that a newly elected Pope has more than Man’s salvation on his mind—and he does. Shadows in the House with Twelve Rooms is a science fiction novel that fashions reincarnation, subliminal coercion, and genetic engineering into chains of bondage so tight, mankind may never escape. Only one genetically-enhanced family has the key to save humanity, and they’re marked for extinction.

In the year 2125, Raphael Cardinal Munoz, a shrewd, ambitious and manipulative man, searches for and finds Razi-el’s Book of Life, which enumerates the Laws of Creation. In it, he finds the power to rule the world through all eternity. Taking the art of la connivance diplomatique to new heights, he gains control of the Church of Universals and uses its influence to forward his plans. Munoz enlists the help of Bianca Raborman, a brilliant geneticist who uses her genius and her sexuality as her greatest weapons.

She perfects the technique of cryopreservation. With it, immortality is no longer a matter of faith; it can be purchased like any other commodity. Bianca seduces George Kayman, once the world’s foremost subliminal advertising specialist, into using his skills to market the product. Mankind, driven by an uncontrollable impulse, rushes to buy.

Ellery Dakota Jensen, a geneticist who was once Bianca’s mentor, learns the truth behind Munoz’s plan. The immortality he promises is a pearl of great price. An altruistic and compassionate woman, Ellery is the granddaughter of Victor Dakota, whose illicit experiments spawned the Dakotan clan. Under her leadership, the clan uses their secret gift of access to the racial memory-banks to try to stop the juggernaut Munoz has set in motion.

Sefura Raborman has a blind spot where her sister is concerned. Admired by Munoz and loved by George, she becomes an unwitting pawn in Bianca’s manipulations. She inadvertently helps her sister and Munoz discover the Dakotan gift and the danger it presents to their plans. Forewarned, Bianca and Munoz set out to erase the clan’s presence from the Earth. Ruthless and cruel, Bianca sacrifices the sister she has vowed to protect in order to gain her goals.

In a race against time, the two factions battle with their strength, their emotions, and their intelligence as the world dives, unheeding, into cataclysm.


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