By Dennis Etchison

Shadowman, a sequel to the World Fantasy Award-winning story “The Dark Country,” follows Jack Martin into an even deeper darkness in Shadow Bay, where the surf echoes against the shore, wild dogs howl and children tell ghost stories by firelight. Lissa Shelby works with disturbed children, and they are all afraid of the Man With No Face. The adults call him a fantasy — until the hills collapse under a torrent of rain and buried bodies pour forth. Only one thing is certain: no one is safe…

“Dennis Etchison is absolutely one of horror’s most exciting, most radical and innovative talents, and Shadowman demonstrates all of his strengths — using a chaste, transparent style, he tells an innately horrifying story that catches the reader off-balance at every step by being starkly resistant to conventional expectations. This is fat-free horror, without maps, without easy transitions or resolutions. Shadowman would be a subversive book in any context, but in the safe, imitative world of contemporry horror, it is a kind of terrorist raid.” — Peter Straub

“Dennis Etchison’s writing is a disturbing marvel. Filled with perfection and loss; always delicate, heartbreaking. Its language is brillant, its images and moods dense with vision. This is a rich novel, gifted by thoughtful turns; haunting ease. It is upsetting and powerful.” — Richard Cristian Matheson

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