SG1-22 Moebius Squared


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SG1-22 Moebius Squared

By Melissa Scott & Jo Graham


Stranded in Ancient Egypt at the end of the STARGATE SG-1 episode Moebius, Jack O’Neill, Sam Carter, Teal’c and Daniel Jackson are enjoying the simple lives they’ve forged in the years since Ra was driven from Earth.  But life never stays simple for long…

Back in the twenty-first century, trouble strikes the SGC.  With one of their own people snatched by renegade Tok’ra, Colonel Cameron Mitchell leads the new SG-1 on a chase through time to rescue their friend – and to protect their future.

But for Carter, Daniel and Teal’c, the greatest challenge is encountering themselves – and coming to terms with the consequences of their own choices.

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