SG1-03 A Matter of Honor


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SG1-3 A Matter of Honor

By Sally Malcolm

Five years after Major Henry Boyd and his team, SG-10, were trapped on the edge of a black hole, Colonel Jack O’Neill discovers a device that could bring them home. But it’s owned by the Kinahhi, an advanced and paranoid people, besieged by a ruthless foe. Unwilling to share the technology, the Kinahhi are pursuing their own agenda in the negotiations with Earth’s diplomatic delegation. Maneuvering through a maze of tyranny, terrorism and deceit, Dr. Daniel Jackson, Major Samantha Carter and Teal’c unravel a startling truth – a revelation that throws the team into chaos and forces O’Neill to face a nightmare he is determined to forget. Resolved to rescue Boyd, O’Neill marches back into the hell he swore never to revisit. Only his time, he’s taking SG-1 with him…

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