Settling in Nazareth




Settling in Nazareth

By Sandy DeLuca

Ruby is a loner, skilled with sleight of hand and an uncanny sixth sense. Her companion is a mystical feline named Matty. Johnny, her dead lover, is also by her side—gifting her with cryptic messages and prophetic dreams. He’s been on the road with her for years—even when she leaves Boston with stolen money and a van crammed with magical paraphernalia.

Her plan is to go to Atlantic City, meet a somewhat shady connection and lay low from cops who might be on her trail. But, when she arrives in Nazareth, she falls in love with the beach town and a man named Michael Elmira. Together, they worship strange gods, partaking in unusual rituals.

There are stranger beings in Nazareth—and it isn’t long before she encounters its mysteries and the specters that exist there. And a serial killer is on the loose, moving silently through Ruby’s beloved city, taking lives without warning.

Before long, her friends begin to die. Will she survive Nazareth’s secrets, or will she become a maddened predator’s next victim?

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