Scene Immortal




Scene Immortal

By Chris Patton

The Blood Scene Trilogy combines the reality and perils of being a teenager with the added twists and turns of having to deal with being an immortal, bloodsucking rocker kid at the same time. The stories follow three “scene kidz” on a journey that their Indie Rock’n’Roll lifestyle in the suburbs could never have prepared them for. Searching for answers, and making bizarre discoveries, they learn not only about a part of life, and the afterlife, they never knew existed, but also about the true, unmasked nature of themselves. Kyle Ryan, his best friend Josh, and Josh’s twin sister Jackie, the three outcast, left-of-center heroes of this journey, are challenged, horrified and changed in ways they never thought possible, and may find irreversible.

BOOK I – Scene Immortal is the story of Kyle Ryan, a popular/unpopular kid, a “scene boi”, an affable rocker type, who on his eighteenth birthday is given the gift of blood-tinged immortality by his Indie Rock idol, lead singer of the quickly-rising Darkwave band Alphatwyn. His best friend, the oddly jovial Goth dude, Josh, and Josh’s twin sister Jackie ( who happens to be Kyle’s ex), go on a journey to find Kyle’s Vampire creator, in the hopes of pulling from him the secrets and vital answers questions he left his new “child of the night” without.

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