Scary Rednecks & Other Inbred Horrors




Scary Rednecks & Other Inbred Horrors

By Weston Ochse & David Whitman

SCARY REDNECKS collects twenty-three stories of horror, madness, and humor set in the rural south of America’s heartland. The stories run the gauntlet from terror to outrageousness. Packed with everything from abusive parents, cannibals, deer hunters, demonic catfish, UFO abductions, voodoo priestesses, vampire moonshiners, and other Appalachian monstrosities; it will amuse you, disturb you, and leave you hungering for more.

Don’t miss APPALACHIAN GALAPAGOS – the hilarious, frightening, and must-read sequel to Scary Rednecks & Other Inbred Horrors

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