Scars and Candy — Tales of Terror and Dark Mystery




Scars and Candy

Tales of Terror and Dark Mystery

By Sidney Williams

Scars and Candy opens the door on a dark world of monsters, crime, mayhem and human evil. Demons, dark creatures and dangerous humans lurk in 16 tales that gaze into the darkness of the human heart and paths of revenge, retribution and terror.

This collection includes:

The Cherry Meadow Massacre
A couple sidetracked on the way to a rural wedding, spin into an encounter with strange people who hold offbeat religious beliefs. Then the man they’ve all been waiting for arrives.

A young man’s affair with a married woman begins with a misguided thought of romance then leads in a soul-wrenching new direction.

Reeling from a divorce, a young writer seeks refuge in her friend’s apartment on the edge of an overgrown field. Eyes beckon to her at night, drawing her toward a relationship that she believes may be her restoration.

Who is the strange blind girl next door? A young man’s obsession drives him to the dark secrets of her past

Aleshia’s Casserole
A flash of Aleshia’s down home cooking.

November’s Breath
A barroom conversation about a relationship gone wrong leads to startling truths.

Good Kids
A group of nerds reach a point where bullying can no longer be tolerated. When good kids, with good imaginations go bad, the results can get brutal.

A flash course in Halloween preparation.


“Sidney Williams has the ability to conjure the genuine reek of hell.” – Graham Masterton on Sidney’s novel Azarius

“Both savage and sublime, that’s all you need to know about Sidney Williams’ short fiction.” –Wayne Allen Sallee, author of The Holy Terror

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