Scarabus: The Tale of the Mummy




Scarabus: The Tale of the Mummy

By K. H. Koehler

Lord of the Damned

Call him Scarabus. Call him the Damned. For over three thousand years the demon known as Scarabus has waged a one-man war on the cult of mad zealots who created him. Able to command the elements around him and change his shape at will, he can appear as a beautiful young man?or as a swarm of bloodthirsty insects. Scarabus exists immortal in time and space, lord of darkness, servant to none.

Now things are changing. The once proud and loveless demon has grown weary of his endless nights of murder and wandering. In his own words comes the history of a being with no life?and no death. Journey with Scarabus through the dark veil of years, from the lush beauty of Ancient Middle Kingdom Egypt to the decadent nightclub splendor of 21st Century Chicago as he walks the night, searching for the woman he loves, searching for an escape from a living damnation on earth.

Scarabus the Damned. Scarabus, Deathbringer. A man who is a monster, he hopes to salvage his lost soul and take revenge on those who destroyed his life.

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