Rough Mix #2




Rough Mix #2

By Johnette Napolitano

Hollywood, California native Johnette Napolitano has toured the world as the main voice and bassist of the Award-winning rock trio Concrete Blonde. A respected and prolific songwriter and recording artist, Napolitano is also a lifelong gallery artist and has studied art in Mata Ortiz, Mexico and Flamenco in Spain as well as having contributed to group shows in Los Angeles, New York and solo installations including a multi-media performance at the historical landmark The Integratron in the California Mojave Desert. Johnette’s music can be heard on television and in American and foreign film soundtracks. This is the second of a series of memoirs, stories, poetry, lyrics and essays.

RoughMix #2 closes with an excerpt from a screenplay in progress – the true story of a late mentor’s Southern court trial in the early 1960’s that resulted in a judgment in her favor and the acknowledgement of Spiritualism as a recognized religion in the United States. “I promised her I wouldn’t work on it until she was gone” says Napolitano, who is clairaudient since childhood and a professional tarot reader offering personal and private readings through her website, (“deeper than any psychotherapy, or at least as valuable”) with pages of client testimonials confirming her insights and skills.

“I’m working on a children’s book about animal spirits. It’s hard to lose a pet.”

Her own independent Joshua Tree Recording Company established in 2016 has produced an album (“The Naked Album”) and videos for two singles (“The Highway” “Crib Girl”) with another release planned for late 2018

Johnette lives in Joshua Tree, California, with her dogs Cholla, Chuey, Squeaky and Panchita and her blue-eyed Cremello Quarterhorse mare, True.

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