Road to Hell




Road to Hell

By Gerard Houarner

Includes the bonus Max short story – The Interview.

Max is a man. An assassin, to be exact. But within him lurks the Beast, an unholy demon that drives Max to kill – and to commit acts even more hideous. Throughout the years, the Beast has taught Max well, and Max has become quite proficient in his chosen field. He is an assassin unlike any other. To put it mildly.

But now Max has a son, an unnatural offspring named Angel, born of Max’s pain and hunger. Through Angel, the spirits of Max’s former victims see a way to make Max suffer, to make him pay for his monstrous crimes. These vengeful ghosts fight hard to trap Angel in their world forever. And while angel battles his father’s demons, Max himself must try to escape from the government agents intent on capturing him – dead or alive.

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