Revenge of the Vampir King

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Revenge of the Vampir King

By Nancy Kilpatrick

Pages: 290

Moarte, King of the Vampirii, is a prisoner of his Sapiens enemy. The beautiful Sapiens Princess Valada, believing that Moarte killed her mother, tortures him, even to the point of breaking the bones in his wings so he cannot escape. She intends to incinerate him to ash in sunlight, but Moarte escapes.

Moarte hungers for revenge. When, through an act of betrayal, Valada is captured by the vampirii, his first instinct is to drain her blood and annihilate her. But he realizes he can get revenge in other ways, using her as a tool to gain the upper hand in this conflict. But who is manipulating whom? Both want revenge, and control of the other, and Moarte wants to drink Valada’s blood. Dark desires lead down a path neither had envisioned, a threatening spiral that can destroy empires.

Hunter and hunted change places again and again in this novel of twisted, violent passions. Seeds of deception are sown amidst love and hate, loyalty and betrayal, obsession and indifference, in an erotic tale of warring races, foes since the beginning of time, and two unlikely adversaries aligning to battle a common enemy.


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1 review for Revenge of the Vampir King

  1. C.T Phipps

    Revenge of the Vampire King is a dark fantasy erotic horror book, which is a bit of a mouthful but covers a wide variety of genres. It’s not for people who have issues about vampires brainwashing their prisoners into falling in love with them and trying to break their will while planning to murder them. That is the “romance” at the heart of things but dark stories like this are a way of exploring ideas and concepts we normally wouldn’t. Still, it’s not for the faint of heart and a warning for those who want their fictional hook-ups safe, sane, and consensual.

    Moarte is the half-human King of the Vampires and he’s just won a glorious victory over the King of the Sapiens. He’s taken his enemy’s daughter prisoner and intends to kill her to make up for the torture he suffered when he was a prisoner. However, wanting her father instead of her, he instead attempts to use sex as well as manipulation to convince her to betray him. Valada swiftly falls to his charms as she struggles with her lust for Moarte versus her undying hatred of the undead (no pun intended).

    There’s a lot of hardcore dark sex scenes in this book, political intrigue, brainwashing, and surprisingly solid world-building. It takes place in an alternate universe from our own where the undead were at the Last Supper and have built their own kingdoms. It’s definitely something that I would recommend for those looking for hard R-rated fantasy erotica with a psychological edge.

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