Reincarnation War – Star Hounds Book #5

By David Bischoff & Saul Garnell

The space opera ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Laura Shemzak isn’t fat and she doesn’t sing. What she does is kick ass!

Alien? Robot? Human? This hot blip-ship pilot is ready to rumble with anything in the galaxy. Even with a sinister planet-killing brain named Harla Zox.

But this adventure finds Laura’s hot butt in a crack. The crew of the Starbow — stranded in a strange dimension — has only thirty minutes to get their starship into gear, rescue Laura from Zox, surrender to the Federation star cruiser sent to destroy them, and generally get back to normal space all in one piece.

And stop an all-out interstellar war with the mysterious alien Frin’ral!

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