By William D. Carl

After the Lycan Virus went airborne in Cincinnati, transforming the infected into horrible beasts, it left a city decimated and a populace shaken. A cure was quickly discovered, but outbreaks continued to escalate in other parts of America. In response, the government formed an elite group of soldiers to hunt down rogue werewolf clans. For General Taylor Burns and head sniper Nicole Truitt, the job has been a tough one, and now they?re headed for New York City for some necessary rest and relaxation.

Or so they thought.

The Lycan Virus has mutated. Within hours, New York City has devolved into a state of frenzied madness. Beneath the city streets, a reporter, a homeless man, and Truitt?s lover struggle to stay alive, fighting off a growing horde of deadly mutations. When Burns and Truitt discover the location of the survivors, a desperate rescue mission is launched to escape through the subway system to the safety of Brooklyn.

But can even the toughest soldiers fend off millions of primeval monsters while the Big Apple collapses around them?

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