Pretzel Logic: Tales of Love & Horror




Pretzel Logic: Tales of Love & Horror

By John Paul Allen

  • Weeping Mary – When Marissa Ruiz entered foster care she was warned, “Don’t let them get too close to you, don’t let them get you alone and don’t let them tuck you in at night.” She was prepared for anything until the white van pulled up and she met Shepherd, who taught her of The Church of the Weeping Mary.Hello Neighbor – Bill Metter is landscaping his yard. A neighbor doesn’t like it. Yaz the cat is missing.
  • House Guest – Terribly injured in a car crash, Chastity Bream lives on life support in the guest room of her parents’ home. Her boyfriend lives in her closet. A story of love winning against all odds.
  • Pit Stop at Hoo Hoo Hollow – While on the run from the law, Kerry and Robin learn the meaning of that special room in hell waiting for those deserving.
  • Prader-Willi – Mike Pratt’s cousin is kind of entertaining. That’s what he tells his friends. It appears she’ll eat anything.
  • Little Miss – An imprisoned mother explains to a TV reporter that it isn’t important how one wins as long as one wins.
  • Runs Like Rabbit – Family drama over major life changes and an answering machine with interesting voices.
  • Marquee – Scott Dryden just can’t get rid of Duffy, the maintenance guy. Even getting killed doesn’t do the trick. What invisible thread holds these two together?
  • Monkey Love – When Professor Sandra Rixx lost her husband in a terrorist bombing, she turned toward her work for salvation. When Richard kept his vow and returned three years later, she learned to mix business with pleasure. Sometimes we can’t help who we love. Sometimes we can’t help what we love.

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