By Neal Barrett, Jr.

If the Sopranos wore overalls and didn’t care for shoes, they’d likely live in Mexican Wells, Texas. If Jack hadn’t screwed up a no-brainer holdup in Amarillo, if he hadn’t gotten high with a long-legged Oklahoma girl–hey, if he’d ever done anything right, he wouldn’t have ended up in the Huntsville pen. He sure wouldn’t be washing dishes in a dump like WAN’S.

The good news is, WAN’S is right next door to PIGG’S, where Jack’s beloved, Gloria Mundi, takes it all off every night. The bad news is, redneck mobster Cecil R. Dupree runs PIGG’S, and wants Gloria for himself.

Still, all Jack needs is a couple of hundred grand, and he can take Gloria out of all this. One way to get it is to foul up Cecil’s dope with the bad bunch from New Orleans, steal a fast car and get out of town. What’s wrong with a plan like that?


This digital edition of PIGGS includes an original, unproduced screenplay, written by the author.

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