People Like Us


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People Like Us

By Caro Soles

How well do you know your friends? At a cottage reunion of old university pals, a long-buried secret threatens to crack their perfect lives wide open. Tentacles from the past grasp each of them, until one buckles under the pressure and slides headlong into murder.

* * *

People Like Us is a beautifully written, intricate, haunting tale of how a Toronto woman’s seemingly perfect life is completely upended and almost destroyed by sexual secrets involving her close friends and a 19 year old gay street hustler. Nothing is at it appears to be in this profoundly moving coming of age novel. Caro Soles is a mature literary writer who in this subtle and haunting mystery is at the top of her game.” – James Dubro, gay activist, writer for Xtra for 20 years, author of Mob RuleKing of the Mob etc.

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