P.I.G. The Pain Is Good Workout




P.I.G. The Pain Is Good Workout

By David Niall Wilson

Tired of workouts that require weird diets, expensive equipment, sets of Blu-Ray discs or DVD’s or expensive gym memberships? The P. I. G. workout (Pain is Good) was developed during an extended cruise in the Persian Gulf on board the USS Guadalcanal. The workout is formed from bits and pieces of calisthenic workouts used by a a variety of US armed forces. It was put together by a group of guys in bad condition and developed as they worked to change that. Nothing is guaranteed. Work is required to improve your fitness…if you follow this workout from the beginning and stick with it, you will see steady improvement. As the author, and one of the first to use this system, I can tell you I went from a guy who could barely pass the US Navy fitness test with 29 push ups to a guy who could finish a workout consisting of more than 600. After years of sitting in a box in my attic, this workout came back to the light of day, and I decided it was worth spreading around. Good luck…and remember, if you aren’t cheating…it doesn’t hurt. If it doesn’t hurt? You aren’t trying…

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