Out-of-Body Experiences




Out-of-Body Experiences

By Janet Lee Mitchell, Ph.D.

What is the best, safest method to induce an OBE?

Is there a limit to how far away one should go from the body?

Is it possible to go out and not be able to get back in the body?

Do I need a teacher to learn how to have this experience?

Have astral bodies actually been photographed?

What are the main fears that hold one back from an OBE?

Based on laboratory investigations by a veteran parapsychologist, this unique book suggests that a person’s conscious awareness can detach itself from the person’s body and travel for an extended period of time.

Is it science fact or science fiction?

Decide for yourself — with this complete guide to OBEs including:

First person accounts
Comprehensive history of occurrences through the ages across all cultures
The 90 most commonly asked questions about OBEs

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