Of Dark and Yesterday




Of Dark and Yesterday

By Michael T. Huyck, Jr.

OF DARK AND YESTERDAY mines the dark fiction tropes, from personal ghosts and personal demons to variants of art. The thirteen stories weigh in at an average of 4900 words apiece and span fifteen years of publication, with this collection being the first publication of the stories “Club Hose”, “About Wishing Wells”, and “Anything Found Me”. The past plays at least a minor character in most stories and darkness is everywhere. While all the stories rightfully belong to the weird fiction genre, each goes somewhere different. If you like mainstream horror, there’s “Quincunx” and for sexy horror, there’s “Effigies”. If you prefer something Lovecraftian, there’s “Grandfather’s Faces”, and for those of you who like the taste of blood, there’s “Deep Dawn’s Jongleur”. This collection has all flavors.

Michael T. Huyck, Jr., aka Mikey, is an editor and writer who’s published fiction and non­fiction in dozens of publications. He lives in the Pacific Northwest with sundry critters and his wonderful family. He likes cheese and beer, but preferably not in the same glass. At least not at the same time.

Stories included in this collection:
Club Hose
Grandfather’s Faces
Bad of Heart
Son of a Son of a Sailor
Artist’s Colony
About Wishing Wells
Deep Dawn’s Jongleur
Harvesting Sorrow
El Cura
Indeterminate Mousetraps
Anything Found Me

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