Now He Thinks He’s Dead




Now He Thinks He’s Dead

By Ron Goulart

“Mr. Goulart’s writing style is snappy, with great characters and lots of action. Great!” – Rendezvous

“Cute and good natured.” – Kirkus Reviews

With a deft blending of wit and suspense, Ron Goulart weaves another criminous tapestry filled with action and entertainment in this sequel to his popular Even The Butler Was Poor. H. J. Mavity still wants to get rich quick; her ex-husband, Ben Spanner, still wants to keep her out of trouble; and her chief client, Lloyd Dobkin, thinks someone is trying to kill him. He’s right-H.J.’s in trouble, and Ben has his hands full as Dobkin’s murderer decides that the lovely artist knows the secret of the girl with the butterfly on her, ahem…

From the time Dobkin dies in H.J.’s arm until the secrets of several families are revealed, Goulart keeps the pace unflagging and the entertainment high. Indeed, the only thing missing might be a dog named Asta.

Ron Goulart lives in Ridgfield, Connecticut. This is the second mystery in the series featuring H. J. Mavity and Ben Spanner.

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