Not for Small Minds




Not for Small Minds

By Aaron Rosenberg

MR3971XJKA—also known as Mary—is the Grays’ scout, liaison, diplomat, and translator. Along with her boyfriend DuckBob and their friends Tall and Ned she has saved the universe from invasion by beings from another reality. Twice.

DuckBob loves her and trusts her without question. Still, he doesn’t actually know anything about her past. Which is why, when Mary asks him to accompany her to her college reunion, he jumps at the chance.

That tense reunion is interrupted by a distress call—from the Grays themselves. It seems the invaders are back, and this time they’re determined to finish the job.

Mary and DuckBob quickly find themselves overwhelmed. To pull this one off, they’re going to need help. A lot of it.

Can they get their disparate allies to work together, though? Or will rivalries, dissension, and distrust do the invaders’ work for them, once and for all?

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