No Flesh Shall Be Spared: Don’t Look Back




No Flesh Shall Be Spared: Don’t Look Back

By Thom Carnell

Set a few years after the events of NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED, DON’T LOOK BACK continues the story of fighter, Cleese. Cleese thought he’d been slick in hiding his finances from the notorious Joseph Weber and his World Gladiatorial Federation, but he was wrong. Captured and brought back into the fold, Cleese finds himself back in a world of hurt, back for a new – and VERY lethal – game. Along the way, Cleese will be reunited with some old friends, make a few new ones, and find a renewed purpose for his life in a world of the living dead.

“…NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED trumps pretty much every summer action movie released over the past few years in terms of muscular, rambunctious fun. A peek into a lesser-explored dimension of the zombie mythos is always welcome, and if you perhaps know of any real fourteen-year-old-boys that you’d like to see put down the game controller and dig into an actual book, buy them NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED now and thank FANGORIA later.”
– Fangoria

“NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED is an impress debut novel by Carnell that shows surprising depth and character development. He also shows the ability to repulse and fascinate in the same keystroke… Carnell has an interesting writing style, one part Lansdale, one part King, with just a splash of Dashiell Hammett thrown in for good measure.” – Dread Central

“Just when I thought no writer could tell an engaging story within the done-to-death zombie genre, along comes Carnell with a sledgehammer tale of the living dead. Like Lindqvist’s HANDLING THE DEAD, NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED is a unique, refreshing take on the undead mythos. Imagine if Martin Scorsese took over the Ultimate Fight cartels in a world gone mad. Carnell has delivered a devastating debut novel.” – Philip Nutman, author of Wet Work

“No one has done more for legitimizing the beauty of the horror genre than Thom Carnell.” – Clive Barker

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