Night Sounds




Night Sounds

By B. W. Battin

“Choose,” the voices said. “Choose Now.” And Dave Guthrie chose.

From the flaming wreckage of the jetliner that claimed over one hundred souls, only Dave Guthrie was spared. Everybody hailed Dave’s miraculous good luck. But it was more than luck that left him the sole survivor …

Crippled and slowly working to recreate his life, Dave returns to his home on the Northern California coast. There he finds a welcome solitude. And there he is also isolated and vulnerable to the forces that allowed him to live for an unholy price … a price he must now pay to the powers from hell unleashed against him. The blood, nightmare images that keep him chilling company are not part of his dreams …

Only one woman can help Dave: Paula Bjornson, with her supernatural gift for distinguishing truth from lies, can feel his danger from a thousand miles away. Without her, Dave faces immediate death for his body … and a far worse, hideous fate for his soul …

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