Night of the Hellebore




Night of the Hellebore

By George McNeill

Returning to Morganville to further her studies, Ilana soon discovers things are not as they seem with her grandmother, Morgana, or the rest of her family. Offered room and board, Ilana agrees to serve as her grandmother’s personal cook, while also following a strict set of guidelines. While preparing the various meals, Ilana, an expert in herbs and spices, stumbles across the presence of various poisons, including the deadly hellebore. Before long, she finds herself fighting for her life, as do others in the house, as an unknown killer stalks the town in the midst of a raging hurricane. Can she discover the killer’s identity in time to save lives — or will one of those lost be her own?

From the author of the bestselling Plantation series, Night of the Hellebore is a Gothic mystery full of intrigue and deception.

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