Naked, on the Edge




Naked, on the Edge

By Elizabeth Massie

Readers are thrust to the edge of darkness in this powerful collection of supernatural and psychological tales by two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning horror author, Elizabeth Massie. Isolation, alienation, desperation, loneliness, greed, rage, regret – human conditions that leave us teetering on the brink, ready to crash forward into the abyss or step backward onto safer, brighter ground. “Beneath our clothes, our bodies are naked. Beneath our skulls, our brains are naked. Beneath our hearts, our souls are naked.”

Opening with a poem, “Naked, On the Edge,” created just for this collection, the stories that follow are a terrifying, meandering journey up to the edge of all there is. A prisoner in solitary dreads his first visitor in years, a grieving parent on a camping trip faces the brutal shadows within himself, a spoiled child is denied nothing, a young home-schooled boy dreams of places beyond his trailer, a vampire follows her love though time to break his dreadful curse, a grandmother takes desperate measures to make ends meet, a girl faces her fear and curiosity about the “witch down the street,” an animal rights activist unwillingly becomes part of an experiment, a lonely and outcast child must decide whether to accept a strange new friend, a homeless woman on a beach falls in love with a handsome tourist, and a soul-buying demon discovers the truth about hell.

Contents include:

Naked, on the Edge (Poem)
Shadow of the Valley
Learning to Give
Fisherman Joe
What Happened When Mosby Paulson Had Her Painting Reproduced on the
Cover the Phone Book
Forever, Amen
No Solicitors, Curious a Quarter
Miss Dowdy
Crow, Cat, Cow, Child
Someone Came and Took Them Away
I Am Not My Smell
As You Have Made Us

“Elizabeth Massie is personally one of my favorite authors. Her writing is true, heartfelt, and wildly original. She is one of the greats.” – Bentley Little, author of The Haunted, The Collection, and Dispatch

Elizabeth Massie is a force to be reckoned with. She’s an accomplished writer who never fails to engage the heart and mind.” – Jack Ketchum, author of The Girl Next Door and The Lost

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