Murgunstrumm and Others




Murgunstrumm and Others

By Hugh B. Cave

Winner of the 1978 World Fantasy Award For Best Collection – Long before he became the author of polished romances for the slick magazines, of best-seller novels and firsthand-researched travel books — Hugh B. Cave wrote some of the most grisly and chilling horror stories ever to appear in the pulps. Crawling forth from the Depression years — from the haunted pages of Strange Tales, Weird Tales, Ghost Stories, Spicy Mystery Stories, Black Book Detective Magazine, Thrilling Mysteries, and elsewhere.

Be warned. This is a collection of Horror Tales.

Murgunstrumm and Others abounds with haunted houses, ravenous vampires, slobbering monsters, fiends human and inhuman, nights dark and stormy, corpses fresh and rotting. These stories exemplify the gothic horror thrillers of the 1930s — no-holds-barred lurid chillers of violent action and scream-in-the-night terror. Like a vintage horror movie, Murgunstrumm and Others is an experience to be savoured best on a stormy, lonely night.

Contents include:
The Watcher in the Green Room
The Prophecy
The Strange Death of Ivan Gromleigh
The Affair of the Clutching Hand
The Strange Case of Number 7
The Isle of Dark Magic
The Whisperers
Horror in Wax
Prey of the Nightborn
Maxon’s Mistress
Dead Man’s Belt
The Crawling Curse
Purr of a Cat
Tomorrow is Forever
The Ghoul Gallery
The Cult of the White Ape
The Brotherhood of Blood
The Door of Doom
The Death Watch
The Caverns of Time
Many Happy Returns
Ladies in Waiting
The Grisly Death

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