Mrs. Parsley: The Cat on the Mantle and Other Stories




Mrs. Parsley: The Cat on the Mantle and Other Stories

By Julian Padowicz

“People who’d read Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery demanded more stories,” author Julian Padowicz explains. Mrs. Parsley is a good witch. Only a tiny percentage of witches are actually evil, she says, but they, unfortunately, get most of the publicity. She, herself, uses her limited magical powers to help Santa, the Tooth Fairy, and the various fairy godmothers, when they get overloaded. But, because her magical powers are limited, and she can’t fly in and out through closed windows, turn pumpkins into coaches, or work her “smart phone,” Mrs. Parsley is often forced to improvise. As reviews of the first book will attest, the resulting adventures are of interest and amusement to adults as well as children.

Stories included in this collection:
Mrs. Parsley Did This
Mrs. Parsley Helps on Valentine’s Day
Mrs. Parsley Talks to Zeke
Mrs. Parsley and the Hunter
Mrs. Parsley Pulls a Code Red
Mrs. Parsley and Patti Schroeder
The Cat on the Mantle
Mrs. Parsley Attends Benny’s Birthday Party
Mrs. Parsley and the Squirrel
Mrs. Parsley Visits the Bergs
Mrs. Parsley and the House Without Doors
Mrs. Parsley Meets the Sandman

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