Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery and Other Stories




Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery and Other Stories

By Julian Padowicz

By the bestselling author of “Escaping the Holocaust” Julian Padowicz from Scholastic Books comes a wonderful, whimsical tale of a good witch and her pet cat Laptop!

Mrs. Parsley is a good-witch who, with the help of her magical cat, Laptop, substitutes for the likes of Santa, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth Fairy, and the various Fairy Godmothers, when they have more work than they can handle. However, since she does not have the specialized magic powers that they possess, she is challenged to find creative ways to carry out these duties.

Stories included in this collection:
Mrs. Parsley Makes a Delivery
Mrs. Parsley Helps the Easter Bunny
Mrs. Parsley Helps Out on Halloween
Mrs. Parsley Bends the Rules on Thanksgiving
Mrs. Parsley Helps Santa Out
Mrs. Parsley Drops in on the Hardings
Mrs. Parsley and the Dog Without a Name
Mrs. Parsley Talks with Todd
Mrs. Parsley Crashes a Party
Mrs. Parsley Has a Great Grandchild
Mrs. Parsley Takes a Vacation
Mrs. Parsley Repays an Old Debt
Mrs. Parsley, We Don’t Do Miracles

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