Mister Glow-Bones and Other Halloween Tales




Mr. Glow Bones

By Ronald Kelly

Halloween is more than a holiday; more than a fun time of candy and costumes for the young. It is inoculated into our very being at an early age and there it remains. As we grow old, it grows dormant? but it is still there. For the lucky ones, such as us, it emerges every year, like a reanimated corpse digging its way out of graveyard earth to shamble across our souls. And we rejoice? oh, if we are the fortunate ones, we most certainly rejoice. So turn these pages and celebrate our heritage. Blow the dust off the rubber mask in the attic and hang the glow-in-the-dark skeleton upon the door. Light the hollowed head of the butchered pumpkin and string the faux cobweb from every corner and eave. It?s Halloween once again. Shed your adult skin with serpentine glee and walk the blustery, October streets of long years past. And, most of all, watch out for misplaced steps in the darkness and the things that lurk, unseen, in the shadows in-between. Stories included in this collection: Mister Glow-Bones; The Outhouse; Billy?s Mask; Pins & Needles; Black Harvest; Pelingrad?s Pit; Mister Mack & the Monster Mobile; The Halloween Train; The Candy in the Ditch Gang; Halloweens: Past & Present; Monsters in a Box

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