Mirror Me




Mirror Me

By Yvonne Navarro

Hannah Danior is a young woman struggling to build a life after an unspeakable experience in her childhood. Now self-sufficient, she is still tormented by her past… and the demons of her childhood are not finished with her. At any instant and with no warning, she will inexplicably mirror the injuries of someone else. Many of her wounds would kill a normal woman, but just as inexplicably, she heals– at astonishing speed– presumably so she can be victimized again. With her face and body disfigured by countless scars, Hannah desires only to be left alone. But fate has other ideas when a pair of detectives catch the similarity between her most recent horrific event– where her throat is suddenly cut– and the murder of a neighborhood woman. One demands answers she doesn’t have and the other, a man she doesn’t recognize, raises instinctive alarms inside Hannah’s head. When the unthinkable happens and one of the detectives falls in love with her, the search for the truth about Hannah’s past and an unseen killer twists itself from the realm of the incomprehensible into the brutal and unforgiving streets of Chicago…

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