Midnight Town




Midnight Town

By Sandy DeLuca

Nestor Hyatt resides in LeFey, Louisiana, in a strange mansion she inherited from her dad. It is rich with strange history, where a wicked man named Marcio Demoni practiced a form of magic called Palo Mayombe, the darker side of Santeria.

Sleepless nights torment Nestor, and she begins to wander the streets of LeFey. Then she discovers Midnight Town, a murky suburb of LeFey, a forgotten mill town just over an ancient covered bridge—a place of phantoms and an eccentric visionary.

Despite cryptic warnings, she continues her journey through shadowy streets and discovers an offbeat tattoo parlor, owned by a man named Nicholas, someone she met on a train ride from New York City and back to LeFey. They develop a forbidden relationship, and Nicholas lures her deeper into his world of strange art and intoxicating desire. Eventually, she tries to breaks free of the madness. Will she succeed, or will she reside in the darkness of Midnight Town forever?

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