Midnight Tide & Other Seaside Shivers




Midnight Tide & Other Seaside Shivers

By Ronald Kelly

During the daylight hours: sun and fun, sandy beaches, laughing children, and sparkling waters that seem to merge with the cloudless sky above. But at night, in the darkness, at the stroke of midnight, things change. Sand castles crumble and the seashore shifts slightly beneath your bare feet, belying the things that lurk, buried there, out of sight. A full moon looms over a dark and dangerous sea, and a midnight tide can bring forth horrors that one could scarcely imagine?

Ronald Kelly, the Master of Southern Horror, presents three original novelettes of seaside terror that might give you second thoughts about taking a trip to the beach?

– A handicapped man must fight an earthbound demon for possession of his only son in a hellish cave on the shores of the Alabama gulf.
– A vacationing family discovers that the Coral Sea of Australia possesses forgotten treasure in its depths? treasure guarded by a legion of creatures that will hungrily keep it in its clutches, at any cost.
– A nurse finds that a rash of disappearances along the Florida coast, as well as a gruesome souvenir washed up by a nocturnal tide, points toward a mysterious stranger with a tragic past.

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