— The Cat-Napping Caper


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Description — The Cat-Napping Caper

By Darby Patterson

Dozens of cats and kittens have disappeared from their homes and Elzbeth and her friends are worried. Since the other kids at school don’t play with them, the four friends use recess and weekends to figure out a diabolical – and sometimes funny – plot that’s making captives out of innocent kittens. They use clever technology, mighty brains and special gifts to pinpoint where the cats are, and Elzbeth dives straight into trouble. Can her friends save her and the cats from a scheme so evil it will curl your whiskers? And exactly why does someone need hundreds of cats, anyway? Join The Crew as they use their considerable abilities to solve the mystery!

From the Author:

It’s written for young readers about 8 to 12 years old as they choose their peer groups and sometimes are tempted to taunt and tease. Although there is a subliminal message, the story is fun and fast paced – ideal for children of any and all abilities!

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