McKain’s Dilemma




McKain’s Dilemma

By Chet Williamson

Carlton Runnells is gay and has profited mightily from a marriage of convenience… he’s become one of the richest men in his rural Pennsylvania area. Now his lover has disappeared and Runnells is afraid that something might have happened to him. McKain has dealt with domestic cases before; the sexes may be different, but the procedures remain the same. Until the lover turns up dead and McKain has every reason to believe that his client is responsible.

McKain faces a dilemma in regards to the murder which ultimately slams into him when he makes one final discovery. As illness and guilt work at him, McKain finds the solution… if he can make it happen.

McKain’s Dilemma is a moving, compassionate and different private eye story, and the work of an expert craftsman.

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