Love is for Suckers: A Short Story




Love is for Suckers: A Short Story

By Matt R. Jones

On a hot August night in 1987, streetwise vampire Steele is wallowing in the aftermath of a messy breakup with a succubus, and all he wants to do is go back to his apartment and sulk while listening to the new Twisted Sister album. But the fates are having none of that. After nearly getting himself killed in the attempted rescue of a pistol-packing, Harley-riding vampiress named Clarisse from a gang of brutal slimeballs, Steele finds himself on a high-speed motorcycle chase through the unforgiving streets of Los Angeles, complete with thrills, chills, and explosions aplenty!

Available for free ahead of Unholy War: The Gathering Storm, “Love Is For Suckers” reveals the first meeting between two of the Unholy War duology’s pivotal characters. Before they waged war against a lunatic cult of vampire zealots, Steele and Clarisse fought a white-knuckle battle against a horde of relentless bastards, forging a bond of friendship…a bond which may ultimately grow into something far greater.

But before that happens, they’ve gotta avoid being splattered all over the pavement or blown to bits before the night’s over. Easier said than done, kids. Before Unholy War is waged this summer, get sucked into the action-packed, supernatural world of the (R)Evolution By Night with “Love Is For Suckers.”

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