Lost Angels




Lost Angels

By David J. Schow

Everyone wants to be good in bed … but what if it’s the bed that makes you good?

It’s said the dead live on in our memories, but what if only the dead remember you?

What if the most infernal dealmaker in creation visited Hollywood, where everyone’s a dealmaker, to get a little help from his friends?

The answers aren’t what you’d expect, but then again, these aren’t the sort of questions asked by your average writer of horror fiction.

In Lost Angels, David Schow pushes the envelope of his already far-reaching talent, forsaking horror’s usual melodrama in favor of penetrating character studies and profound examinations of the human condition. Lost angels are victims of the rigors of love in the City of Night. Los Angeles is where love is found, earned, stolen, sought, regained . . . and ultimately lost again. Features an Introduction by Richard Christian Matheson and an Afterword written especially for this edition. Also includes a brand-new short story, “Calendar Girl”.

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