Live Girls




Live Girls

By Ray Garton

The garish neon lights of New York City’s Times Square can be very seductive. And so can the promises of dark pleasures on the seedier side streets. To Davey Owen, the lure of a glowing sign advertising “Live Girls” was too hard to resist. He was looking for a little entertainment. He found instead a nightmare in the form of a beautiful but strangely pale woman. A woman who offers him passion, ecstasy— and eternal life—but takes in exchange his lifeblood and his very soul.

It’s scary, it’s involving, and it’s also mature and thoughtful.”
— Stephen King on Dark Channel

“The most nightmarish vampire story I have ever read.”
— Ramsey Campbell

“Garton never fails to go for the throat!”
— Richard Laymom

“Garton has a flair for taking veteran horror theiries and twisting them to evocative or entertaining effect.”
— Publishers Weekly

“Ray Garton has consistently created some of the best horror ever set to print.”
— Cemetery Dance

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