Limerock: Maine Stories




Limerock: Maine Stories

By Christopher Fahy

Fifteen short stories about archetypal Maine natives and out-of-staters who have chosen to live in Maine. The stories included in this collection:

The Smell of Spring
The Rock
The Glow of Copper
Uncle Cub at the Paradise Fair
The Best in the World
The Tip
A Clock in San Diego
One Day in the Short Happy Life of Anna Banana
Holly Point

In LIMEROCK, Christopher Fahy does what he has always done so well: he puts normal people into the most troubling circumstances, then watches carefully to see what they will do. A Fahy story is the most delicious kind of eavesdropping, but we come away from each one with a bigger understanding of the little moments in our lives: a bus ride, a pail of berries, a city clock, snowflakes on a dark road. This is human nature dissected in the most compassionate and lyrical way.
—Cathie Pelletier, author of The Weight of Winter and Beaming Sonny Home

Christopher Fahy’s stories are like Nelson Algren’s The Neon Wilderness or anything by Erskine Caldwell. Fahy writes from his soul, deep inside truth about people caught in illiteracy and desperation. These people who happen to be from Maine are from everywhere, universal, which is what great writing is about. Fahy’s command of colloquial speech shows brilliance. “Uncle Cub at the Paradise Fair” is a masterpiece. THIS BOOK IS A MUST READ!
—Leo Connellan, Connecticut Poet Laureate, author of The Clear Bine Lobster-Water Country and The Maine Poems.

Christopher Fahy’s LIMEROCK is a downeast smorgasbord, a feast of Maine life and its myriad characters. One of Maine’s literary treasures, Fahy is equally adept at drama, suspense, reflection or farce. He has the gift of vanishing before our eyes and allowing other people to rise up whole, living and breathing. In these pages Fahy escorts his readers from kitchen to field, forest to shore, moving us like ghosts into the homes and hearts of the folks we’ve seen for years but never stopped to talk to.
—Michael Kimball, author of Firewater PondUndone, and Mouth to Mouth.

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