Letters to the Editor of Cthulhu Sex Magazine




Letters to the Editor of Cthulhu Sex Magazine

Compiled by Oliver Baer

These various writings from both the virtual and material world seem to hint at a darkness that is more horrible than we can imagine. Perhaps it has already overtaken us, as some of the writings seem to suggest, and our minds are so clouded that we do not realize it for what it is. How did we let this accursed publishing house exist?

There used to be a magazine called Cthulhu Sex. Or was there? Evidence of its existence seems limited to a few mentions on the internet by people of dubious distinction. This is a compilation of the Letters to the Editor as well as the Forewords and Afterwords. They seem to hint at events that may have led to the undoing of not just the magazine but the publishing company as a whole. It starts out with the usual ramblings of madmen that you would expect would be involved in such a venture. As the letters progress, they evolve, or perhaps devolve is the better word, into a Lovecraftian tale about the sacrifices needed to develop a cult following.

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