Kingdom of Shadows & Sorcerer




Kingdom of Shadows & Sorcerer

By Greg F. Gifune


A band of desperate criminals … a seemingly deserted farmhouse guarded by the rotting remnants of scarecrows, the echoes of torture and depravity and the whispers of unholy nightmares … a dark night concealing terrible secrets, misery and long-suppressed horrors …

One faraway, nearly forgotten night, this night, stands between the forsaken and deliverance, but they are not alone in the darkness. Something demonic dwells within … something luring them toward a separate kingdom … a kingdom of night … a kingdom of evil …

A Kingdom Of Shadows …

Fear the night.


Times are tough. Jeff McGrath has recently lost his job, and he and his wife Eden are having trouble making ends meet. Saddled with a mountain of growing bills, the prospect of being evicted from their apartment and an enigmatic homeless man who lives on the steps of their building and seems inexplicably drawn to the young couple, things look exceedingly bleak. But when one afternoon Jeff meets a beautiful businesswoman who wants to recruit him for a high-paying job at an internationally-renowned company owned by the wildly successful CEO Foster Hope, he thinks his luck may be changing. But what initially seems like the break of a lifetime soon becomes an unimaginable nightmare Jeff may never escape. Because an evil as ancient and elusive as the sands of time has come calling, nothing is as it seems, nothing happens by accident or chance, and one man’s dream-come-true may very well be another man’s descent into inconceivable horror.

Careful what you wish for … evil has many names …

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