King of the Highbinders




King of the Highbinders

By Tim Champlin

A barrell of beer turnsinto a keg of gold…

No one in San Francisco can figure out who heisted three million dollars in gold from the U.S. mint, until young Jay McGraw turns up at the police station with Lee Sing, a beautiful Chinese slave girl, and an incredible story.

Yen Ching, the bloodthirsty head of the most powerful and murderous *tong*in Chinatown, had stolen the gold and secretly hidden it in Jay’s beer wagon. Unless Yen Ching’s stopped, he’ll smuggle it back to China.

Only Jay and Lee Sing can recognize the diabolically clever leader, and with the police they begin the dangerous chase. The only question is, will they get Yen Ching and the gold before his hatchet men get them?

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