Kent Montana and the Once and Future Thing




Kent Montana and the Once and Future Thing

By Charles L. Grant

*Personal: Single green she-beast seeks single man. Color, Creed, species not important.

Down on the bayou, folks called the creature Zergopha. It had been around for quite a spell, slithering through the swamp, chowing down on the odd tourist here and there.

Lately, though, it seemed to be after something more than a one-night snack. Affection, maybe. Possibly even—commitment. Now it’s Spring, and an immortal monster’s bizarre fancy has turned to thoughts of weird love.

Only one man is the unlucky object of Zergopha’s affections…

Kent Montana

He’s the descendant of Scottish nobility, or so he claims. He’s an out-of-work actor. He never gets a good script… but his life is more exciting and outrageous than any science fiction movie. In fact, his life is a science fiction movie…

(previously published as written by Lionel Fenn)


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