By Neal Barrett, Jr.


From the Great Midsee to the two Calfrei’s, the year 2906 saw Nordland in upheaval. There were rumors of war as the pseudo-Sioux pushed south from the Indian confederation in a strange alliance with the yellow-skinned wizards of Hunan, far to the North … and for the first time since the Disaster of a thousand years earlier, all of Nordland seemed poised on the bring of annihilation. Into the middle of the war stirrings came Kelwin the Broon, finder—and occasionally manufacturer—of archaics, the tantalizing treasures that were all that remained of the world before Disaster. Aided only by his apprentice, Base, and armed with his wits and his half-knowledge of things better forgotten, it was his task to stop the war before the visitation of another Disaster …

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