Judas Eyes




Judas Eyes

By Barry Hoffman

Shara doesn’t kill anymore. At one time she was a vigilante killer, vicious and effective, stalking her victims one by one. But those days are over. She still has a need for the hunt, but now she’s able to quell her inner demons legally ? as a bounty hunter. She still hunts her prey with the same chilling efficiency, but without the need to kill. Shara has accepted a private bounty to hunt Mica Swann, in many ways a kindred spirit. Mica is on a killing spree, driven by mysterious forces within her that urge her on to more and more bloodshed. But Shara and Mica have more than murder in common. There is a strange psychic connection between them that allows Shara to peer into Mica’s mind, an ability that Shara hopes will enable her to bring her prey to ground. But nothing is more dangerous than cornered prey.

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