Jamaica – Four Paths to Paradise




Jamaica – Four Paths to Paradise

By Hugh B. Cave

In order to write about a place, Hugh B. Cave developed the habit of taking all or part of his family there and settling down like a permanent resident. This was certainly his approach to Jamaica and its built-in problems. His historical analysis of the island’s geopolitical situation pulls no punches, even though he discusses colonialism, the color question, and many phases of the economic exploitation that dots Jamaica’s past and present. If his opinions tend to sound like propaganda for the island’s administration at the time of his residence, they do so mainly by contrast to similar books about Cuba. He has made a fine job of portraying a locale that was doing its best to adjust to a new role in Caribbean and world affairs. The sections devoted to scenic descriptions are smoothly incorporated into a more realistic whole. The perceptive potential tourist will find many clues he may employ to make a visit to Jamaica more interesting and pleasant. This book is fairly dated, but accurate – and written with the flair and style that made Cave go-to author for Caribbean destinations.

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