Into the Pit




Into the Pit

By B. W. Battin

“Jason, Come to Me – You Must, You Must, You Must!”

Jason McGwire has a new life now, happily remarried and the proud father of a beautiful baby boy. Memories of Glenda are finally fading. He’d loved his first wife, before she began to change… refusing him children, turning distant, morose… mad. Until it all ended in the terrible fire that took her life and freed Jason from his tormenting nightmare.

But once again the horrible omens are rising. In a blaze of flames that do not burn, something calls to him, reaches out for him, and whispers, “I want the baby too.” And Jason knows Glenda has returned. Raging with hatred and a thirst for revenge, she has come to drag them back to the other side… to the black, bottomless place where a thing far more savage than she watches… and waits… In the Pit.

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